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Divorce, Partner Dissolution, Biological Parent Disputes, Child Support Issues, Co-Parenting…

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Business Disputes

Contract Disputes, Customer Service Complaints, Vendor Disputes, Services Disagreement…

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Workplace Conflicts

EEO Issues, Manager & Employee Disputes, Team and Department Conflicts, Employee Conflicts…

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Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Management & Leadership Training, Mediation & Conflict…

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Dr. Rick Voyles’ civil mediation training taught me a new viewpoint on mediation and the techniques available to assist the parties in settling their disputes.  The techniques are also very useful in personal life.  Great training!

Nicole Rogers

This class and style will exceed your thoughts and expectations of mediation.  It opens your eyes and thought process of conflict and how to deal with it and resolve it.  Rick’s style and personality is welcoming.  He really makes you feel open to ask questions and making sure you understand the material.  

Shayla Cummings