ElderCare Mediation Training – Dec 15, 2017

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2017-12-15 9:00 am - 12:15 pm
Address: 2700 Cumberland Parkway, Vinings, GA, United States

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Elder-care mediation is a growing market.  This class will provide you with critical information and skills needed for a mediator to navigate elder-care conflicts.  6 hrs CE $395

Training Date: Friday, Dec 15, 2017

Training Location: Vinings/Smyrna

Trainers: Rebecca Zimmerman

Training Schedule:

Friday, Dec 115, 9 am- 12:15 pm

Topics Covered:

I. Elder-care and estate sources of conflict

II. Legal issues involved with elder-care and estate conflicts

III. Conflict resolution strategies and techniques

For more information call 404-991-0072 or email drrickv@centerfordisputesolutions.com

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